Welcome to Property With Potential

We love a project; a property you can add a bit of value to and make your own, a blank canvas. However, they can be hard to find. Trawling through pages and pages of properties looking for that hidden gem is time consuming, and the language used by estate agents is not always clear.

Finding bargains is even more difficult. Picking out the handful of auction sales and repossessions from the thousands of properties available is mind numbing work.

We're trying to make it easier for you. Every day we scan the property listings and analyse the descriptions, and when we find a property with some potential we pick out the interesting sentences and list them here.

Trying to understand estate agent's language can be difficult and we are continuously working to improve our search technology, so please forgive us any properties that slip through which don't meet the criteria.

If you have any suggestions for how we might improve our service, please use the Feedback link (the little happy face) on the right.

Currently we source our properties from Zoopla, and since they hold the vast majority of the property market we can be sure that we do to, but please get in touch if there are other sources you would like to see added.

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