Land for sale


Land for sale

Ayton Woodlands, Aberargie, Perth, PH2

Our Summary

  • Contamination, Ground Conditions and FloodingA derelict former sawmill and ice house are located on the subject


Ayton Woodland is a 35.54-hectare (87.82-acre) mixed conifer and broadleaf woodland with good quality forest roads and an understanding of access rights for timber extraction and maintenance. The woodland has a southerly aspect and is split between commercial and amenity woodland, with approximately 42% being commercial and 58% being amenity. The woodland has some localized windblow and a former quarry located within its boundaries, but no other signs of disease or contamination. The sporting rights are not currently being exercised, but have been let out in the past, and the woodland may be eligible for reliefs. The property is designated as Less Favoured Area (Seriously Disadvantaged) and is not aware of any conservation or environmental designations. The property does not have any known mining or ground instability issues, but the former quarry is located within the woodland. No invasive or non-native species or asbestos-containing materials were noted, and the flood risk map does not indicate any issues of flooding from river or surface water.
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