Plot Commercial


Plot Commercial

Lower Treliever Farm, Treliever, Penryn, Falmouth, TR10

Our Summary

  • Invitation for option/promotion agreement for developers and land promoters for a prime development site of approximately 33
  • With the current expansion of the university and surrounding town, this already designated site is looking for a partner to work in a collaborative manner to best maximise the potential
  • The majority of the site has been allocated as future potential development under Policy "FP-M4 Treliever Direction of Growth (Mixed Use") from the Cornwall site allocations development plan document adopted in November 2019 (cornwall-site-allocations-development-plan-document
  • In the immediate area to the north of this potential site, outline planning permission has been granted for a new "Student Village" and the detailed planning application can be seen on the Cornwall Council planning website under application number PA21/04825
  • Submission of a planning application within the initial three year period


A developer and land promoter are sought for a prime development site of approximately 33.58 acres adjacent to Falmouth University campus. The site has been allocated for future development under the Cornwall Site Allocations Development Plan Document and offers an opportunity to collaborate with the university and maximize its potential. The site is located in the area of Penryn, just north of the university, and is divided by a road. The land plan shows a mixture of woodland, stables, and fenced paddocks to the south and a farmstead to the north. The site has the potential for a "bridge connection" linking it to the campus. The nearby area has seen significant growth, including the granting of outline planning permission for a new "Student Village." The vision for Falmouth and Penryn is to become vibrant, socially-diverse, positive, and welcoming communities supported by leisure facilities and services, with a focus on the marine, learning, and tourism industries. The Cornwall Local Plan: Strategic Policies document has set targets for the development of 2800 dwellings and 25,750sqm of office space within the two towns by 2030. The promotion/option terms envision a non-refundable option fee, a five-year promotion/option agreement with a right to extend, and the submission of a planning application within the initial three-year period.
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